chillspot goes where the heat is, keeping dogs cool and making new friends along the way...Here are some cool dogs and other animals enjoying their chillspot!

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We have tried every cooling product

We have tried every cooling product we could find and not until Chillspot did we find a real solution. With temperature at 110 and rising in Arizona, Jesse has made this a permanent resting place for the summer


I am very impressed!

I have used it for a couple weeks now and love it. It even stayed cool for 2 days inside once. I am very impressed!

Adoption First Animal Rescue

Love it!

We own a chillspot for our Goldendoodle and LOVE IT !! Keeps him cool during those hot soccer games we attend. He loves to run & play and then come lie down on the nice cool chillspot. After a game of chase, he loves the Chillspot to cool down on.

Barbara H

Great product!

"Our 13 year-old Keeshond, Ash, loves his new Chillspot! It's 91° outside in Atlanta right now (RealFeel of 104°!) and he's been sleeping peacefully for 3 hours. No panting or distress. Great product!"

Mark C

Thank goodness for this bed.

Thank goodness for this bed. It my hubby and I get a good night's rest. Our GSD sleeps in our room with us. With the door closed, even if the AC is running, our room starts to get over warm. Then our dog starts moving from place to place to place around the room looking for a cool place to lay. With the chill spot he settles down nicely and we get a good night's sleep.

Dawn M

It is awesome

Our baby Chow 'Dio' lovin his Chillspot ♡♡♡ even with this 100° weather down here in Texas....and we dont even have our outer coat yet... It's awesome!!!

Cat W

Every pet needs one of these.

By far the best investment I've ever made and my bulldog Axel loves it. The durability and well made structure shows they care about the quality of there product. I was surprised how super cool it gets as soon as you put the ice packs in. I had a great communications with the founders and they went out of there way to ship it to Hawaii. Every pet needs one of these.

Litahni S

One cool cat!

This is George enjoying his ChillSpot. Summer heat has always been a challenge for him because he is diabetic. Now he is one cool cat! This is the best product of its kind. Other cooling beds don't work at all when the temperature starts to climb. Thank you for making this available!

Jeanne W

Great after elbow and knee surgery!

As a previous costumer stated the chillspot been life savers. Sheldon lays on it all the time and it's especially great after elbow and knee surgery

Windy R