Does Chillspot require batteries?

No, chillspot does not need batteries or electricity.  It is fueled by our proprietary chillpod, which you freeze and insert in the chillspot cooling station.


Will my chillspot sweat?

If you use the chillspot where there are high levels of humidity, yes, there is no circumventing science.  A cold chillspot subjected to high humidity will produce condensation.  However, we have engineered a textured surface on the chillspot to prevent it from being slippery.  You can also wipe away the initial condensation of the day with a soft cloth, which can help prime the surface to reduce the moisture build up.  Chillspot used in conditioned air produces little to no condensation.


How do I get my pet onto chillspot if he or she is timid?

Some animals may be initially weary of the chillspot, associating it with a vet’s scale, and ultimately an unpleasant experience.  Do your best to help your pet get their torso onto the surface.  Once they feel the cooling relief and realize it won’t bite back, they are usually hooked.


How often should I fuel the chillspot?

EVERYDAY, providing a consistent cool surface will give your best friend the peace of mind that his/her favorite cool place will always be there.  An extra chillpod can help ensure that you are always ready, allowing you to keep on chillpod in the freezer at all times.


How cold is the chillspot surface?

The chillspot surface will consistently stay between 20-30 degrees below ambient temperatures for 8+ hours outdoors and 10+ hours indoors.


How long will my chillpod last?

The chillpod is made of HDPE plastic and is very durable.  As long as they are not damaged, they will continue to perform for hundreds of freezing and thawing cycles.  If the plastic gets cracked or punctured, the gel will leak out and the chillpod will no longer perform as designed.


Is the chillpod safe?

The chillpod contents is a premium, water based, non-toxic perma-gel that is safe for humans and animals.  However, if the chillpod begins to leak, it should be removed from service and replaced.  It will no longer effectively provide the fuel needed for the chillspot cooling station to perform.


Is chillspot too small for my big dog?

Dogs in excess of 200+ pounds have found comfort with chillspot, each dog finds his own way to feel the cool.  “Comfortable” is providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief.  Let your dog be the judge!


Will chillspot last?

Chillspot is built to last a lifetime.  It is made in the USA, to high quality specifications and with high quality materials.  It is very strong and durable.  See our Youtube page for the strength test, where we parked a Bronco on the chillspot and it didn’t budge.  With proper use, the chillspot will be keeping your dog cool for many years.


Will chillspot fit in my dog’s crate?

Chillspot was designed to fit in most large dog carrying crates.  Chillspots specifications are as follows: 34.75 x 21.75 x 4.5


Is chillspot good to travel?

Chillspot can be used indoors or outdoors, even in your vehicle.  It’s no mess and very portable weighting only 24lbs.  When not at home all you need to do is to freeze your chillpods and the chillspot can provide comfort to your best friend while you’re on the move.