Cooling Station

A retreat from the HEAT when your pet needs it the most

Insulated Base

Allows cooling station to stay cold longer


Durable aluminum chill tile with non slip surface.

NO Batteries

No batteries or water required

Help protect your pet from the harmful effects of heat for over 8 hours!

Because the chillspot® cooling station remains well below ambient temperatures, it aids your pet in regulating its core temperature as well as helping it recover from physical activity even in the hottest summer months. Whether used indoors or out, chillspot® provides a way to help pets stay cool and recover from the effects of the heat.
Just like their owners, pets need protection from the hazardous effects of heat. Let’s face it, a fur coat and a 90+ degree day is not a good combination and exposure to the elements potentially leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The chillspot cooling station is designed to replicate your pet’s natural draw to a cool tile floor at home. It takes the temporary comfort a cool tile floor provides and amplifies it to 8+ hours of cooling relief.